Business Analyst Internship


We are looking for meticulous and perceptive undergraduates to join our team as Business Analyst Interns. We value individuals with a keen eye for extracting business insights from sales data, and who thrive on finding creative and decisive solutions to these problems. Work in an environment that values what you can bring to the team!


  • Work together with our Chief Revenue Officer to identify patterns and pinpoint key observations from sales data
  • Analyse these sales trends, and derive actionable insights from them
  • Troubleshoot these bottlenecks with creative solutions, and propose innovative strategies that will boost our sales revenue


  • Strong business acumen, with a proven track record in business analytics, data analytics, or other forms of statistical analysis.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and strong ability in articulating and communicating your ideas and perspectives
  • Independent and able to work under limited supervision, but an exceptional team player
  • Highly self-motivated, with a strong positive mindset and ability to maintain composure under stress


  • Current undergraduates pursuing a degree in Business, Accountancy, Economics or any other related fields.

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