The car manufacturers first revealed the sales figures of hybrid vehicles.

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Hybrid cars are considered a development trend in green transportation, and many manufacturers actively introduced various hybrid models in 2023. However, typically, the sales figures of hybrid models are not classified separately but are usually reported along with those using internal combustion engines.

The Yaris Cross is currently the Toyota model with the highest number of hybrid versions sold in Vietnam.

However, by early 2024, many automakers have begun to classify hybrid models separately for sales reporting. This helps those interested in hybrid cars easily track the development of this green vehicle segment in Vietnam.

Toyota is the brand with the most diverse range of hybrid car products in Vietnam. In January 2024, Toyota Vietnam sold a total of 112 hybrid cars of all types, accounting for 5% of the total Toyota car sales.

There are four versions currently being sold, but the hybrid version alone accounted for more than 1/4 of Camry's sales in January 2024.

Among them, Toyota Camry sold 28 hybrid versions, accounting for 27% of the total Camry sales in January 2024. Toyota Yaris Cross hybrid sold 52 units, representing 15.5% of its total sales. Meanwhile, the hybrid version of Corolla Cross sold 7 out of 171 units, accounting for 4% of total sales.

Additionally, the sales figures of the hybrid versions of Toyota Corolla Altis and Innova Cross are quite impressive. According to the report from the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers' Association (VAMA), the sales of Toyota Corolla Altis hybrid and Innova Cross hybrid accounted for 36.7% and 41% of the total sales of their respective models in January 2024.

The Sorento hybrid (HEV and PHEV) sold 2 units in the last January.

Kia currently only sells Sorento HEV and PHEV in Vietnam. In the past January, the sales of this model reached 2 out of 61 Sorento units sold in Vietnam, accounting for 3.2% of the total.

Honda CR-V hybrid also disclosed its sales figures for the first time, selling 35 units in the first month of the year. With a total of 270 CR-Vs sold, hybrid versions accounted for about 13% of the total.

Apart from the mentioned models, many brands not included in VAMA do not disclose their hybrid car sales figures, such as Hyundai, Haval, Nissan... Among them, some brands do not report monthly or yearly sales figures.

Previously, Suzuki was the first car brand to disclose hybrid car sales figures with the Ertiga model. In 2023, the brand reported sales figures for both hybrid and conventional engine Ertiga models due to remaining stock of the old version. However, by 2024, the old version has been cleared from inventory, and currently, all Suzuki Ertiga models sold in Vietnam are hybrids.

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