For the first time appearing in Southeast Asia, the VinFast VF Wild will debut at the Bangkok Motor Show at the end of this month, with people eagerly awaiting its appearance at the year-end exhibition in Vietnam.

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On February 29th, the official website of the Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS) 2024 announced that the VinFast VF Wild would participate in the exhibition and be listed as one of the notable products at the event, scheduled to take place from March 26th.

After its global debut at the CES 2024 in the United States, the VinFast VF Wild will prepare to launch in the Southeast Asia region through its participation in the BIMS 2024 in Thailand.

With the possibility of the Vietnam Motor Show (VMS) returning later this year, observers expect that VinFast will bring this electric pickup model to Vietnam and introduce it to consumers.

VinFast has reasons to prioritize the launch of the VF Wild in the United States and Thailand. The United States was chosen because it is the world's largest pickup truck market, with sales of 12.4 million units, accounting for 79.9% of the market share out of a total of 15.5 million units sold in 2023. Thailand was also selected because it is the largest pickup truck market in Southeast Asia, with sales of 325,024 units in 2023, accounting for 41.8% of the market share. Moreover, the majority of pickup truck sales in Thailand are mid-size pickups, which is the segment of the VinFast VF Wild.

To better understand, the pickup truck market in Vietnam in 2023 only reached 20,122 units, which is only 0.16% of the market in the United States and 6.2% compared to Thailand.

Although the VinFast VF Wild is not the world's first electric pickup truck, with the presence of models such as the Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T, Chevrolet Silverado EV, Tesla Cybertruck, or GMC Hummer Pickup EV, they all belong to the full-size electric pickup segment. The mid-size electric pickup segment currently only has the Toyota Hilux Revo BEV and EPU, but they are still at the concept stage, similar to the VinFast VF Wild.

The design of the VinFast VF Wild attracts attention with its masculine, rugged, and modern style. The aerodynamic factor is also considered as mirror replacement by cameras is used. However, there is no information about the performance specifications of the VinFast VF Wild being disclosed. VinFast only revealed that the length of the vehicle is 5,324 mm and the width is 1,997 mm, indicating that it belongs to the mid-size pickup truck category like the Ranger and Hilux.

A notable feature of the VinFast VF Wild is the ability to extend the length of the cargo bed from 1,524 mm to 2,438 mm thanks to the mid-opening door between the passenger cabin and the cargo bed. This design has appeared on the Rivian R1T and is considered interesting and practical.

The cabin of the VinFast VF Wild is designed to be modern and sophisticated with a two-spoke steering wheel, dashboard, and separate control area, while the rear seats are equipped with two separate entertainment screens, even though the VinFast VF Wild is a pickup truck. This is the first true concept version of VinFast, different from previous concept versions, which often had realistic designs and did not differ much from the commercial version.

VinFast has not announced information about the release date of the commercial version of the VF Wild. It may be a model produced at the factory under construction in Chatham County, USA.

Additional images of the VinFast VF Wild at CES 2024:

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