The Bangkok International Motor Show 2024 has just unveiled a series of prominent car models along with 2 vehicles from VinFast set to debut later this month.

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The CEO of Grand Prix International Group and Vice Chairman of the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024 (BIMS 2024), Mr. Jaturont Komolmis, has just revealed some particularly noteworthy information related to this upcoming event.

In mid-March, Mr. Jaturont Komolmis, CEO of Grand Prix International Group and concurrently Vice Chairman of the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024 (BIMS 2024), revealed a series of noteworthy information surrounding this highly anticipated event in the Southeast Asian region.

According to this leader, the BIMS 2024 exhibition has attracted the attention of over 49 leading automotive and motorcycle brands. The event will witness the debut of approximately 20 new car models, along with the participation of many well-known names previously disclosed in the industry.

Mercedes-Benz Vision ONE-ELEVEN: The concept of this supercar was first unveiled in June 2023, drawing inspiration from the C111 model of the 1960s - 1970s. With its modern design and vibrant orange paint, this model promises to be the highlight at Mercedes' booth in the exhibition. Photo: Car and Driver

Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept: One of the three new models in the Hyper Series introduced late last year at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, the Hyper Tourer could be the most suitable choice for debut in Southeast Asia as it falls into the MPV segment. Nissan bringing this model to BIMS 2024 might be to explore the possibility of developing a new MPV model similar to the Serena to introduce in this region in the future. Photo: Carscoops

Lotus Eletre: As one of the two flagship models of Lotus at BIMS 2024, the Eletre is a super electric SUV, marking the "comeback" of the British brand in the mainstream market. With power equivalent to the Lamborghini Urus (603 versus 650 horsepower) but priced at nearly half (115,000 USD - 2.83 billion VND versus 240,000 USD - 5.91 billion VND), this promises to be a fresh choice for sports SUV enthusiasts in the region. Photo: Car and Driver

Lotus Emira: As the final lineup of Lotus to use internal combustion engines, it comes in two versions: I-4 and I-6. For those looking to own a genuine Lotus car to compete with the Porsche 911, this is their only choice before Lotus completely transitions to producing electric models. With a strong exterior design, luxurious interior, sporty driving experience, and a fairly reasonable price (77,000 USD - 1.89 billion VND), the Emira promises to attract attention at BIMS 2024. Photo: Lotus

Jeep Wrangler 2024: The latest version of America's renowned SUV line, present in the market since 1986, will also make an appearance at BIMS 2024. With its timeless design and robust off-road capabilities characteristic of American SUVs, the Jeep Wrangler promises to bring a fresh perspective to the event, amidst prevailing trends like electric vehicles and Chinese-made cars. Photo: Jeep

Volvo EX30: After participating in the exhibition in Singapore earlier this year, the Volvo EX30 continues its journey to Thailand to attend one of the largest exhibitions in the region in the first half of the year. This electric SUV line is expected to arrive in Vietnam by the end of 2024. The reference price of the EX30 in Thailand is 1.59 million baht (equivalent to 1.11 billion VND). Photo: Car and Driver

MG4: The latest upgraded version of the MG electric car series will unveil its price when launched in Thailand. Vietnamese consumers are also familiar with this series as it appeared at the Vietnam Motor Show 2022. Photo: MG

Changan Lumin Mini EV: One of the potential highlights at BIMS 2024, the mini electric car from China competes directly with the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, with a range of 300 km and a starting price from 61,900 CNY (about 207 million VND). Photo: CarNewsChina

Honri Boma: A super-small electric car from China, known as the "shrunken Toyota Alphard", will participate in BIMS 2024. This 4-seater car is even smaller than cars in the A-segment. True to its name, the car bears a striking resemblance to the Toyota Alphard at the front, but its frame and equipment are significantly less. The starting price of the car ranges from 40,000 CNY - equivalent to 137.3 million VND. This model has been registered for design protection in Vietnam. Photo: CarNewsChina

VinFast VF Wild: A very special concept pickup truck that garnered a lot of attention at CES 2024 earlier this year will be featured at BIMS 2024. Accompanying it will be the VF7 - an electric SUV series expected to enter the Thai market soon. Photo: VinFast

Honda Motocompacto: A mini electric car that attracted attention in North America since late 2023 will participate in BIMS 2024. Its flexibility and utility combined with a great driving experience, beautiful design, and easy mobility with a reasonable price (1,000 USD - 24.6 million VND) promise to highlight the Motocompacto at BIMS 2024. Photo: Car and Driver

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