Pay attention to these signs to avoid tire blowouts on the Cam Lo - La Son highway

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Tire blowouts can have various uncontrollable causes. However, with just a bit of observation, vehicle owners can still anticipate the possibility of a tire blowout.

The phenomenon of many vehicles experiencing tire blowouts on the Cam Lo - La Son highway has raised concerns.

The initial cause has been identified as high road temperatures and a lack of rest stops, leading to continuous vehicle operation and increased tire pressure. A simple solution to control this situation is to use tire pressure sensors. Some vehicles come equipped with these sensors, while others may need to purchase them separately.

In addition to tire pressure sensors, drivers have other methods to detect the potential for tire blowouts during long journeys. Hyundai Indonesia and many tire manufacturers have identified warning signs of imminent tire blowouts to help vehicle owners easily monitor and handle the situation.

Visual Signs

Before a blowout, tires often show signs such as cracks, bulges, tread separation, or severe wear. These signs are often visible to the naked eye.

For worn tires, users can use a simple method to check. In the United States, a common practice is to use a coin, with the head of President Lincoln acting as a benchmark. However, in Vietnam, where there is no equivalent coin, individuals can create a tool like a small ruler to mark the depth of tire treads. If the depth is below 1.5mm, the tire needs to be replaced.

Auditory Signs

When a tire is about to blow out, unusual noises can be heard while driving. This originates from the tire starting to lose integrity and "chunking."

All abnormal noises should be noted because they may be signs of other issues, not just related to the tires. Therefore, listening to the "language" of the car is crucial for drivers.


When a tire is about to blow out, the vehicle will lose stability, making the driving sensation unstable.

If the driver feels the vehicle is unstable or swaying, they should reduce speed and stop the vehicle at a safe place to check.

Smoking Tires

When a tire begins to smoke, it is also a sign that the tire may be experiencing a serious problem and needs to be addressed immediately.

Hyundai Indonesia emphasizes that the main cause of tire blowouts is often related to improper maintenance or improper usage. Therefore, vehicle owners need to pay attention to regular maintenance to avoid such incidents.

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