VinFast adjusts the price of electric vehicle charging

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The new unit price has come into effect since March 19, 2024.

On March 19, VinFast adjusted the charging fees for electric cars and motorcycles in Vietnam.

Specifically, starting from March 19, at VinFast's public charging stations, the charging rate is 3,858 VND/kWh (including VAT). This price has increased by about 15% compared to the most recent adjustment in November 2023. At that time, immediately after EVN announced the average retail electricity price adjustment to 2,006.79 VND/kWh, VinFast also adjusted the electric charging price to 3,355 VND/kWh, equivalent to the increase in the new average retail electricity price.

Meanwhile, the overtime charging fee remains unchanged, continuing at 1,000 VND per minute from the 31st minute after the battery is fully charged while the customer still occupies the charging station.

Currently, VinFast remains the only electric vehicle manufacturing company in Vietnam to independently develop and own a charging station system with over 150,000 charging ports for both electric cars and motorcycles. This network has been deployed across all 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam. Charging stations are typically located at bus stations, rest stops, gas stations, shopping malls, residential complexes, and offices,...

Recently, VinFast has continued to demonstrate its plan to expand the charging station system globally. On March 18, 2024, the Chairman of Vingroup, also the founder of VinFast - billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong, announced the establishment of the Global Charging Station Development Company V-GREEN. V-GREEN will operate independently as a partner in developing the charging station network for VinFast globally. The company will be responsible for investing in the entire electric vehicle infrastructure, helping to relieve financial pressure and allowing VinFast to focus on expanding its market and sustainable development.

In the initial phase, V-GREEN will actively seek locations and partners to build and expand the charging station network in key markets worldwide, as well as collaborate with third-party charging station providers to offer charging services for VinFast electric vehicle owners.

In Vietnam, V-GREEN will be responsible for operating and managing VinFast's existing charging station system, and plans to invest an additional 10 trillion VND over the next 2 years to build new stations, upgrade, and improve the system. With the total infrastructure investment tripled compared to VinFast's initial plan, V-GREEN aims to cover charging stations nationwide and make Vietnam one of the world leaders in electric vehicle charging infrastructure development.

After about 5 years of operation, depending on each market and actual mobilization capabilities, V-GREEN may consider transitioning to a business model providing electric car charging services for other electric vehicle manufacturers besides VinFast.

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