The Land Rover Defender borrows a top-tier engine from BMW and a new suspension to take on the AMG G63

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The flagship version of the Defender OCTA will be introduced in the middle of this year, which is an option of interest for every customer who desires to own a powerful Land Rover vehicle.

Recognizing the success of the new generation Defender, Land Rover is bolstering this SUV line by introducing a new flagship version. The company confirmed the existence of the premium Defender version at the end of March, named OCTA.

As the top-tier model in the Land Rover Defender lineup, the OCTA brings many improvements compared to previously released versions.

Upgrades noticed on the test model of the Defender OCTA include significantly wider wheel arches accompanied by eye-catching aerodynamic rims. The rear end of the test Defender OCTA appears much more robust than the standard version, featuring dual exhaust pipes and new rear wheel arches.

However, the most significant upgrade implemented on the Land Rover Defender OCTA appears under the cabin. Specifically, JLR will utilize a V8 engine from BMW as a partner. The current version of the Defender V8 by the company uses an in-house engine, a 5.0L supercharged type with 575 horsepower and 700Nm of torque.

Meanwhile, the engine borrowed from BMW is a twin-turbocharged 4.4L V8 version, integrating hybrid assist technology. Both power and torque of this version are higher than JLR's V8 engine by about 50 units, reaching 626 horsepower and 750Nm of torque. Importantly, this engine not only saves fuel but also weighs 30kg lighter than JLR's V8 engine.

A special upgrade of the Land Rover Defender OCTA is the 6D Dynamics suspension system, eliminating traditional anti-roll bars and instead combining air springs and multi-point hydraulic dampers. This new system is said to help the vehicle maintain near-perfect balance in all acceleration, braking, and cornering situations, while providing better support for each independently operating wheel during off-road driving.

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