MG7 is coming to Vietnam in July: Expected price over 700 million, competing with BYD Seal also set to debut

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After several delays, the unique coupe-shaped D-segment sedan, MG7, may soon make its appearance in the Vietnamese market.
MG7 Pre-orders Open

Recently, many dealerships have announced that they are accepting pre-orders for the MG7, expected to hit the Vietnamese market in July. However, MG has yet to confirm this information.

This is not the first time that MG dealers have mentioned this model. About a year ago, many dealers also mentioned the MG7 and anticipated its debut in Vietnam in 2023. Despite the continuous launch of new MG models like the RX5, HS, and MG5 during that time, there have been no signs of the MG7.

The expected price for the MG7, as announced by dealerships, is around over 700 million dong, which is about 200 million dong higher than the MG5.

MG7 Belongs to the D-segment Sedan

With dimensions of 4,884 mm in length and 1,889 mm in width, the MG7 is equivalent to the Toyota Camry. Competitors in this segment include the Kia K5, Mazda6, and Honda Accord.

Especially, the direct competitor to the MG7 may be the BYD Seal, also expected to debut in Vietnam soon. Both the MG7 and Seal are Chinese models with a coupe design.

Many Modern Features

Previously, dealers announced that the MG7 would be divided into two versions: STD and LUX (similar to the classification of the MG5). These versions may be equipped with different engines. The highest-end version may use a turbocharged 2.0L engine, producing 254 horsepower, while the lower version may use a turbocharged 1.5L engine, producing 183 horsepower. A 9-speed automatic transmission will be equipped on the 2.0L version, while the 1.5L version will come with a 7-speed transmission.

The MG7 seems to be an upsized version of the MG5 with a sporty design. Thin LED headlights, a large grille, and dense LED taillights following the current trend. Dual exhaust pipes on both sides and an integrated rear spoiler are reminiscent of the Porsche Panamera. In China, the highest-end wheel option is 19 inches, equal to the wheel size of the Mazda6 in Vietnam.

The interior of this car is much more modern than its sibling models. Two large screens measuring 14.1 inches and 25.12 inches are placed on the same glass panel. The Bose sound system provides an excellent music listening experience. The 3-spoke, 2-bottom cut steering wheel provides a sporty driving feel. The seats are also designed in a sporty style. The electronic shifter is similar to those on Audi models. The control panel has very few physical buttons. The panoramic sunroof is also a notable feature.

The specific features of the MG7 for the Vietnamese market are still unclear. If fully equipped like the version sold in China, this car will attract the attention of technology enthusiasts who want to experience something new.

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