Toyota Corolla Cross and Yaris Cross may get high-performance sporty versions with a 300-horsepower engine

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Toyota 'needs' a sporty SUV in its lineup, and the Gazoo Racing division will take on this project.

Toyota's high-performance division, Gazoo Racing, is currently experiencing a highly successful period.

With the support of President Akio Toyoda—who has always sought to enhance the driving experience across all Toyota models, from mainstream to special editions—Gazoo Racing has recently launched several highly acclaimed models such as the GR86, GR Supra, GR Yaris, and GR Corolla.

However, Toyota's lineup still lacks a high-performance SUV—a gap that Gazoo Racing is keenly aware of. According to Gazoo Racing President Tomoya Takahashi, they need to meet the demands of customers who want to own a sporty Toyota vehicle without sacrificing practicality and daily usability.

In many markets, Toyota SUVs come with GR Sport variants that are sportier in appearance. These versions usually feature design and suspension upgrades over the standard models, but their performance specs and engines remain unchanged.

A true GR sports SUV is currently under consideration by Toyota. However, due to "limited resources," they will prioritize projects with the highest demand rather than making the entire SUV lineup sporty.


The leading candidates for Toyota's sportification are the Yaris Cross, C-HR, Corolla Cross, and RAV4. Models like the Land Cruiser 300 and Land Cruiser 250 (formerly Land Cruiser Prado) are more suited for off-road versions than purely sporty ones.

A GR sports SUV from Toyota could feature high-performance brakes, a sporty body kit, new wheels, a lowered suspension, and a dedicated engine/transmission setup. For example, a Yaris Cross or C-HR GR could use the 1.6L 3-cylinder turbocharged engine with 300 horsepower from the GR Yaris/GR Corolla.

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