Things to consider when you want to sell a car

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To upgrade to a higher-end car, many families want to sell their old cars. However, this requires experience for the transaction process to proceed more smoothly.

To sell a car conveniently and at the highest value, the seller needs to pay attention to the following issues:

Prepare relevant documents

Before selling the car, the seller needs to prepare the necessary documents to ensure a smooth and legal transaction. Firstly, they need to check if the vehicle registration is still valid. If it is nearing expiration, re-registration before selling is necessary to avoid future complications. Additionally, certificates of technical inspection and car insurance are important documents proving the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

Advertisement and reaching potential buyers

Advertisement and reaching potential buyers play a crucial role in ensuring the success of selling a car. To attract customers' attention, advertisements should be designed creatively and attractively. When advertising, complete, detailed, and accurate information about the vehicle should be provided to allow customers to evaluate and decide on their purchase quickly.

Check maintenance history and records

Car owners should check the car's maintenance history and keep maintenance receipts as a basis for price negotiation.

Check the body and chassis

All gaps between body panels should be uniform. Any irregularities could be a sign to customers that the car has been involved in a collision. Additionally, check if the paint color is consistent across body panels.

Inspect wheels and tires

During the selling process, car owners need to pay attention to the condition of the wheel rims to ensure they are not cracked or bent. For tires, they should ensure a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm to ensure safety on the road. If they do not meet this requirement, they should be replaced. Additionally, tires should not have cuts, bulges, and the tread on each tire should wear evenly.

In addition to the above issues, car owners should also carefully check factors such as oil level, engine condition, interior, and electrical system... All should be in normal operation to provide peace of mind for customers when inspecting the car.

Why are used cars popular?

In addition to buying new cars, the used car market in Vietnam is also becoming lively. Many consumers choose to buy used cars for the following benefits:

Save up to hundreds of millions of VND when buying a car

The selling price of used cars is often much cheaper than a new one. This means that buyers can save a significant amount of money, up to hundreds of millions of VND, and still own the car they desire.

According to estimates by business experts, car models typically lose about 20 - 25% of their value after being used continuously for 3 years.

Low rolling costs

Compared to buying a new car, buying a used car incurs lower taxes and fees. For example, the registration fee for a new car usually accounts for 10% of the vehicle's value. Meanwhile, for a used car, it is only about 2% of the depreciated value of the vehicle at the time of purchase.

Moreover, after the first 3 years of use, the value of a new car can decrease by 20 to 35%. In contrast, the value of a used car is more stable, and the depreciation is lower.

Easy to experience higher-end car segments

With the same amount of money, buyers can purchase a used car in a higher-end segment compared to buying a new car, providing a different experience.

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