Chinese car models may soon be available in Vietnam

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In addition to familiar brands like GWM, MG, Vietnam's car market will soon welcome new brands such as BYD, GAC...

This year, the Vietnamese car market is expected to witness a strong presence of Chinese car models as many brands are preparing to launch new products. Meanwhile, new car manufacturers are also preparing to enter the market through advertising campaigns and seeking distribution agents in Vietnam. This brings good news for those who love Chinese cars and serves as a reminder for Japanese and Korean car brands about the fierce competition in the mainstream car market in the near future.


Great Wall Motors (GWM) is scheduled to bring two new models to Vietnam in April: Haval Jolion and Tank 300. Dealers have started accepting deposits with tentative prices of about 700 million dong for the Jolion and around 1.2 billion dong for the Tank 300 SUV.

Tank 300 features a robust design, reminiscent of Jeep models. Its size can be compared to vehicles like the Santa Fe or Sorento. Inside, the Tank 300 is equipped with modern interior features including two large screens, electronic gearshift, electronic brakes, and a premium Infinity sound system. The 2.0L hybrid engine produces around 304 horsepower, coupled with a 9-speed transmission and 4-wheel drive. The Tank 300 also comes fully equipped with ADAS driving assistance technology.

Jolion competes in the same segment as the Corolla Cross or CX-30. As the younger sibling of the H6, this model boasts a completely new design. It's equipped with some notable convenience features such as dual electronic screens, an electronic gearshift system, and a panoramic sunroof. The basic engine option available in Vietnam may be a 1.5L hybrid, delivering 190 horsepower, paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.


BYD is seeking dealership partners in Vietnam. According to social media rumors, a BYD dealership in Hanoi is expected to open in May. There are rumors that this Chinese automaker will bring two models to Vietnam, an SUV and a sedan. The most mentioned SUV model is the Atto 3, while the sedan is speculated to be called the Seal, a popular model in Thailand.

BYD Atto 3 is an electric SUV in a similar segment as the VinFast VF 6. While its design may not be particularly distinctive, its interior stands out with a futuristic design featuring a large tablet-like screen in the center, along with an electronic gear lever and other convenience features. The electric motor produces over 200 horsepower. The car's battery allows for a range of about 480 kilometers per charge. However, it's still unclear whether BYD plans to build charging stations in Vietnam.


GAC has begun conducting media and advertising activities in Vietnam for their sub-brand, Aion. The first Aion models are expected to be introduced in Vietnam in the second quarter of this year, with the first distributed model possibly being the Aion Y, which belongs to the MPV segment.

Aion Y is sized similarly to the Innova Cross, with a length of over 4.53 meters and a width of 1.87 meters. The design of the car is simplified from inside out. The Aion Y interior stands out with two large screens and almost entirely eliminates physical buttons. The top-end version uses an electric motor with 204 horsepower, with a battery capacity of 69.9 kWh allowing the car to travel about 580 kilometers on a single charge.


After several mentions, the MG7 is now committed to be launched this year according to information from dealerships. This is a D-segment car, above the MG5, competing with models like the K5 and Mazda6. In addition to its coupe-like design, the MG7 features a modern interior with two large screens, electronic gearshift, sport seats, Bose audio system, etc. The car comes with two engine options: a turbocharged 1.5L and a turbocharged 2.0L, with the most powerful variant delivering up to 254 horsepower.


After launching the Wuling Mini EV, SAIC Vietnam plans to introduce two more new models. One of them is a larger version of the Mini EV called the Bingo. The second model is the Baojun Jep.

Bingo EV is positioned above the MiniEV in the same segment. The size of this electric car can be compared to the Kia Morning or Hyundai i10, with a length of nearly 4 meters and a width of over 1.7 meters. The interior is designed simply, with two large screens placed on the same glass surface. The electric motor of the car is relatively small, with a power output of only 54 horsepower, combined with a 31.9 kWh battery for a range of about 333 kilometers per charge.

Baojun Yep is considered a competitor to the VinFast VF 3 with a length of nearly 3.4 meters and a width of almost 1.69 meters. The design of the car carries the style of an off-road SUV despite its small size. The interior of the car is quite modern with two large screens placed on the same glass surface. Although it is a small car, Yep is equipped with a 360-degree camera. The electric motor of the car has a power output of 68 horsepower, combined with a 28.1 kWh battery for a range of about 303 kilometers.

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