Kia adjusts prices of popular models: Carnival increases by 20 million, Seltos increases by 10 million, K3 decreases by 20 million, and other models you need to know

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In this price adjustment, the Kia Seltos 2024 stands out as its price is now on par with the popular C-segment crossover - the Mazda CX-5.

On May 13, Kia Vietnam announced a price adjustment for several models, effective from May 10. In this adjustment, the maximum decrease and the maximum increase are both 20 million VND.

List of models and versions with adjusted prices from May 10

ModelOld priceNew priceAdjustment
New Seltos 1.5 Premium739 million VND749 million VNDIncrease 10 million VND
Carnival 2.2D Signature 7-seater (with sunroof)1,409 billion VND1,429 billion VNDIncrease 20 million VND
Sorento 2.5G Signature (7-seater)1,134 billion VND1,114 billion VNDDecrease 20 million VND
Sorento 2.5G Signature (6-seater)1,134 billion VND1,114 billion VNDDecrease 20 million VND
Sorento 2.5G Premium1,034 billion VND1,014 billion VNDDecrease 20 million VND
Sonet 1.5 Deluxe524 million VND519 million VNDDecrease 5 million VND
K3 1.6 Turbo734 million VND714 million VNDDecrease 20 million VND
K3 2.0 Premium639 million VND619 million VNDDecrease 20 million VND
Soluto AT Luxury462 million VND454 million VNDDecrease 8 million VND
Kia Seltos 2024 and Carnival Prices Increase

Although the Kia Seltos 2024 (New Seltos) has only been on the market for a short time, its price has already been adjusted. This model is available in four versions: 1.5 Standard, 1.5 Luxury, 1.5 Premium, and 1.5T GT-Line. The Premium version has increased by 10 million VND, bringing the new price to 749 million VND. The new price of the Kia Seltos 1.5 Premium is now on par with the standard version of the Mazda CX-5 (2.0L Deluxe). The other three versions remain at their previous prices of 599 million, 679 million, and 799 million VND, respectively.

The most advanced version of the Kia Carnival, the 2.2D Signature 7-seater (with sunroof), also saw a price increase after May 10, rising by 20 million VND to a new price of 1.429 billion VND. Meanwhile, the Luxury, Premium, and Signature 7-seater (without sunroof) versions maintain their current prices.

Price Reductions for Several Models

The Kia Sorento has had its price reduced by 20 million VND for three gasoline versions. Specifically, the 2.5G Premium version is now 1.014 billion VND, while the 2.5G Signature 6-seater and 7-seater versions with brown interior options are now priced at 1.114 billion VND. The diesel versions of the Kia Sorento and the 2.5G Signature versions with black or white interiors have not had their prices adjusted.

Next is the Kia Sonet. This model saw a reduction of 5 million VND for the standard 1.5 Deluxe version, bringing the price down to 519 million VND, still higher than the starting price of its competitor, the Toyota Raize, which is 498 million VND. Meanwhile, the two more advanced versions, Luxury and Premium, remain at their respective prices of 554 million and 584 million VND.

Two versions of the Kia K3, the 1.6 Turbo and the 2.0 Premium, have had their prices reduced by 20 million VND in this adjustment, with the new prices being 714 million VND and 619 million VND, respectively.

The highest version of the Kia Soluto (Luxury) has had its price reduced by 8 million VND, now costing 454 million VND since May 10.

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