Exploring 5 special features on the newly launched Lamborghini Revuelto supercar in Vietnam

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The first Lamborghini supercar with over 1,000 horsepower, named Revuelto, has officially been launched in Vietnam one year after its global debut.

The Lamborghini Revuelto marks the beginning of the electrification era for the famous Italian supercar brand. After being globally introduced in late March 2023, this hybrid supercar officially made its debut in Vietnam one year later.

Here are some noteworthy highlights of the Lamborghini Revuelto that not everyone might be aware of:

Thirteen different driving modes

The Lamborghini Revuelto offers up to 13 different driving modes, ensuring that drivers can activate a mode suitable for their intended use. In addition to common modes like Hybrid or Sport, the car also features two special modes: Corsa and Citta.

Corsa is the most powerful racing mode, utilizing the full 1,001 horsepower that the Italian supercar delivers. On the other hand, Citta (or Città - city in Italian) is the urban driving mode, where the car only uses electric power (reduced to 178 horsepower) to reduce noise and save fuel when traveling in the city.

Familiar naming conventions

The name Revuelto, like many previous Lamborghini supercars, is related to the world of bullfighting. Specifically, in this case, Revuelto is named after a famous bull from Barcelona in the late 19th century. Revuelto was known for its wild nature and even caused disruptions in the stands up to 8 times during its "career."

The predecessor of the Revuelto, the Aventador, was also named after a famous bull, but from the late 20th century.

Highly customizable

Lamborghini confidently asserts that no two Lamborghini Revueltos are alike. The car's customization capabilities are significantly higher than any previous Lamborghini model.

From color choices, materials used in construction, equipment, to special customization factors, the Lamborghini Revuelto offers the utmost diversity. It's certain that those financially capable of owning a Revuelto will not be satisfied with a "standard version" without any additional options.

Unique chassis

The new chassis on the Lamborghini Revuelto is inspired by the aerospace industry, a direction that the Italian brand has been striving for for many years. Named "Monofuselage" - which can be understood as "single-body chassis," this chassis is made from Forged Composites - a material developed by Lamborghini since 2008, combining carbon fiber with resin.

With its innovative structure and material, the Monofuselage is 10% lighter than the Aventador's chassis. Upon closer examination, the front chassis is 20% lighter, while the rear chassis is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and integrates two hollow castings. This area is used to integrate the rear suspension system and drivetrain components into a single space.

Innovative gearbox

The gearbox on the Lamborghini Revuelto is placed behind the V12 engine. In addition to having to rotate the gearbox 90 degrees, Lamborghini also had to adjust the arrangement of the gearbox and engine to a "standard" layout (engine - gearbox - differential, from front to rear), instead of the previous arrangement (gearbox - differential - engine).

Through these two measures, Lamborghini ensures a more stable distribution of the Revuelto's front/rear weight. Additionally, the special gearbox structure with two separate shafts to control even and odd gears still keeps the gearbox lighter and provides faster shifting capabilities. Finally, placing the gearbox horizontally instead of vertically as before also helps to increase cabin space.

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