Management Trainee


We're in pursuit of a driven and exceptional individual to be a part of our Management Trainee program. This initiative is crafted to grant trainees a panoramic view of our business operations, setting the stage for future leadership roles. As a Management Trainee, you'll engage closely with seasoned managers, report to senior management, and delve into the inner workings of our business units. This immersive approach ensures that trainees comprehend the challenges inherent to each unit, laying the foundation to offer constructive feedback and improvement strategies.

In this role, the Management Trainee will:

  • Accumulate diverse and critical experience across all business facets.

  • Engage directly with our leadership, gaining insights into the company's strategic planning, execution processes, and policy formulation.

Upon concluding the traineeship, trainees will transition into a full-time position that aligns with their proven abilities and our company's needs.

Trách Nhiệm

  1. Training and Development: Dive into a well-structured training regime encompassing practical experience, mentor-guided learning, and a profound understanding of our industry dynamics.
  2. Departmental Exploration: Navigate through essential departments such as Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Product, Operations, Finance, and HR, securing a holistic grasp of our operational landscape.
  3. Project Leadership: Spearhead vital projects, managing everything from conceptualization to execution, followed by detailed reporting and analytical insights.
  4. Customer Engagement: Foster robust connections with our clients, addressing their needs, providing unparalleled service, and resolving any concerns.
  5. Process Enhancement: Scrutinize current operational standards, advocate for enhancements, and present comprehensive proposals for improvements at both macro and micro levels.
  6. Leadership Development: Hone leadership competencies by shadowing, assisting, and learning under the guidance of our expert managers, occasionally leading smaller teams or projects.
  7. Transparent Reporting: Consistently draft and present reports, communicating project outcomes, discoveries, and recommendations to the executive leadership.

Yêu Cầu

  • Team-centric mindset, underlined by a proactive attitude, attention to detail, and time-management proficiency.
  • Innate passion, capable of both autonomous operations and team collaborations.
  • Resilience, receptiveness to feedback, and a fervent desire for self-improvement.
  • Stellar communication and relationship-building abilities.
  • Aptitude for working effectively under pressure and meeting strict deadlines.
  • Commitment to an 18-month intensive training period with Motorist.

Chuyên Môn

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management, or a related discipline.

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